Shemaroo TV launches socio-mytho series, 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal'

Shemaroo TV launches socio-mytho series, 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal'

The show will air on Shemaroo TV every Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.

Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal

Mumbai: Shemaroo TV, a leading Hindi family entertainment channel, is poised to capture the hearts of millions with its first original socio-mytho show, 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal.' Laddoo Gopal holds a special place in the hearts of devotees due to his charming nature. Many see him as the god closest to their heart due to the intimate and personal connection they feel with him. 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal’ is a show that will highlight these cultural connections and emotional resonances. Set against the picturesque landscape of Mathura, this poignant series takes audiences on an emotive journey brimming with devotion, courage, and the ultimate victory of good over evil. The show will air on Shemaroo TV every Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.

‘Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal’ revolves around the life of Tulsi, a devout follower of the beloved deity Laddoo Gopal ji. Tulsi occupies a distinctive role as Laddoo Gopal's faithful devotee, endowed with the extraordinary ability to perceive his divine presence. In a world where he remains hidden from others, Laddoo Gopal becomes her steadfast guardian, illuminating her path through every twist of fate. Tulsi’s journey unveils an enchanting love story with Keshav, interwoven with her relentless battle against her malevolent in-laws.

The show boasts a stellar ensemble cast of talented actors who have breathed life into their respective characters. Akshita Mudgal beautifully portrays the character of Tulsi, while the adorable and innocent portrayal of Laddoo Gopal is brought to life by young actor Het Makwana, and actor Dayashankar Pandey plays the role of pundit Radheshyam ji.

Reflecting on the show’s launch, Shemaroo Entertainment COO broadcasting business Sandeep Gupta expressed, “Laddoo Gopal’s significance is deeply ingrained in the cultural and religious fabric of India’s heartland. While television shows have often depicted tales of Lord Krishna and his diverse forms, through ‘Tulsi Dham Ke Ladoo Gopal’ we have tried to capture Laddoo Gopal’s innocent, playful demeanour and endearing bond with his devotee Tulsi. With Shemaroo TV’s first original socio-mytho show, we aspire to bring the untapped tales of Laddoo Gopal that echo the beliefs and sentiments of our viewers.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, producer C.L. Saini expressed, “Each step in bringing 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal' to life has been infused with passion and dedication. Now, as the series finds a home on esteemed Shemaroo TV, the excitement is palpable. This touching narrative delves into a girl's unique bond with Laddoo Gopal, who becomes her guiding light through challenging circumstances. Shemaroo TV's resolute commitment to delivering quality content seamlessly aligns with our vision for this show, making this collaboration immensely gratifying. I am confident that the magic of 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal' will resonate with people of all ages.”

Marrying powerful storytelling with compelling visuals and emotive performances, 'Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal' promises to leave an indelible mark on its audience. The milestone introduction of Shemaroo TV's first original socio-mytho series underscores the channel's unwavering dedication to delivering premium content that not only entertains but also enlightens.

Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal premieres exclusively on Shemaroo TV on 21 August at 8 pm. Don't miss this enthralling saga that is poised to inspire and touch the hearts of viewers across the nation.