'Pratishodh - Zunj Astitvachi' serials' Mamta celebrates mother's day with transgender individuals

'Pratishodh - Zunj Astitvachi' serials' Mamta celebrates mother's day with transgender individuals

This thriller series on Sony Marathi channel explores the unique mother-daughter relationship.

Mumbai: 'Pratishodh - Zunj Astitvachi' on Sony Marathi channel is a thriller series that explores the unique relationship between a mother and her daughter. In this serial, we witness the challenges Mamta and Disha have to confront in their future, stemming from certain events in their past. Mamta in this series runs her own lunchbox-making business.

The lead characters of the series - Mamta, Disha, and Shannobi - celebrate International Mother's Day in a unique and inspiring manner. They engaged with transgender workers from 'The Trans Cafe' in Versova and 'Tweet Foundation' in Goregaon, shedding light on the challenges these individuals face while trying to earn a living. On this occasion, 'Mamta', who portrays the role of a transgender mother in the series, along with her daughter 'Disha' and 'Shannobi' (Mamta's friend), had an insightful discussion with Nishtha Nishant. Nishtha Nishant is a transgender scientific researcher and human rights activist. Her 'Tweet Foundation' (Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust), aims to provide shelter, education, employment, skill-building, and counselling support to transgender individuals. The Trans Cafe is a business run by a transwoman, which has created job opportunities and social support for transgender people in the city.

Mamta's story shares many similarities with Nishtha's and those of many others in the transgender community. Mamta spoke about her journey in the series. She shared how she raised her daughter, 'Disha', as a transgender mother, the challenges she faced, and the societal reactions she encountered on her path to financial independence. She also highlighted the difficulties she had to confront while raising Disha, how Mamta stood steadfast through them, and how she imparted good values to Disha.

Disha expressed that her unique bond with her transgender mother has given a completely new perspective to the mother-daughter relationship and has made her understand the true definition of a mother. Disha's struggle for Mamta's existence can be seen in the series. Additionally, Shannobi stated that people like Mamta need support from family, friends, and society to live a life of dignity and acceptance for who they are.

The main characters of the serial 'Pratishodh - Zunj Astitvachi', Mamta, Disha, and Shannobi, celebrate 'Mother's Day' with transgender individuals who are striving to earn a living with dignity. The Trans Cafe and Nishtha Nishant's meeting with Mamta was an inspiring experience for Mamta, definitely something to learn from. Sony Marathi business head Ajay Bhalwankar, expressed the belief that their work will definitely help Mamta to face the problems in her life. 'Pratishodh - Zunj Astitvachi', is a reflection of the life and challenges faced by transgender individuals and their families. Don't miss the inspiring journey of societal change led by Mamta and Disha!

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