Ssoftoons Entertainment Media LLP launches new animated series - ‘Twinkle Sharma #0007’

Ssoftoons Entertainment Media LLP launches new animated series - ‘Twinkle Sharma #0007’

The show introduces audiences to Twinkle Sharma, who is known for her courage.

Mumbai: Ssoftoons Entertainment Media LLP, known for bringing some of the most popular animated series that have been loved by kids, has announced the release of their latest creation, "Twinkle Sharma #0007". Bringing in a new genre of storytelling, led by a girl protagonist, the series has premiered on the Disney Channel. 

An action-adventure series, "Twinkle Sharma #0007" introduces audiences to a young girl, Twinkle Sharma, who is known for her courage and a heart of gold. Sharma's seven ghost friends, Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and Ni, help her fight against the evil magician Giligili and his agents Natwar and Durmush, who are after the ghosts for their unique powers. Twinkle is often accompanied by her supportive best friend Bablu, along with Pinku, the neighbourhood bully, who learns to respect her strength and courage. Each episode promises a tale of heroism, along with elements of mystery, fantasy and magic. 

"We are thrilled to launch 'Twinkle Sharma #0007’ on a credible and popular television channel- Disney Channel' It is a dream come true for us to see our beloved characters reach a wider audience and inspire more children," said Sourav Mondal, the CEO of Ssoftoons Entertainment Media LLP CEO Sourav Mondal. 

"We are proud to have created a series that has the potential to reach and win the hearts of kids across the country. Our team has put in a lot of hard work and dedication into this project, and we are excited to see it reach new heights with the support of Disney Channel," added Ssoftoons Entertainment Media LLP COO Hansa Mondal.

“Our stories have always been bringing in entertainment that best represents kids; indulging their creativity, imagination and their world. Twinkle Sharma is one such wholesome narrative - told through the lens of a 10 year old girl. We are happy to have associated with Ssoftoons for the series and looking forward to launching the series as a part of our robust summer offering,” said a Disney Channel spokesperson.