Zee24 TAAS to telecast 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan’ on 10 September at 4:30pm

Zee24 TAAS to telecast 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan’ on 10 September at 4:30pm

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Zee24 TAAS

Mumbai: In a resounding testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Maharashtra, Zee24 TAAS is set to telecast the much-anticipated 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program' on 10 September at 4:30 pm. The widespread viewers of Zee24 TAAS will witness an unwavering dynamism and remarkable accomplishments of visionary entrepreneurs, painting a vivid picture of the resurgent entrepreneurial landscape in the state.

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in startup ventures across southern Maharashtra. Through the 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan’, Zee 24 TAAS celebrated the accomplishments of these outstanding individuals and provided an inspiration-driven platform for collaboration. It also served catalyst for enriching conversations, enlightening discussions, and uniting visionaries, industry mavens, and curious minds eager to learn and innovate.

'RISE: Udyog Bhushan’ witnessed the presence of Uday Samant, Minister of Industries, Maharashtra Industry stalwarts representing various sectors, Udyog Ratna, Udyog Mitra Udyogini, Outstanding Marathi Entrepreneur was an inspirational figure for the attendees of 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan. Sanjay D. Ghodawat, Founder and Chairman, Sanjay Ghodawat Group (SGG), also passed on the wisdom of the importance of acknowledging weaknesses and challenges and converting it into strength.

According to Zee24 TAAS editor Nilesh Khare, "Fostering a culture of innovation, leadership, and inspiration is at the heart of Zee24 TAAS. Through the 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program,' we've uncovered the remarkable journeys of young executives and entrepreneurs reshaping the regional business landscape and leaving a lasting global footprint. Kolhapur, known for its entrepreneurial spirit, offers abundant opportunities in traditional craftsmanship, agro-based industries, and emerging sectors like technology and healthcare. With the pioneering RISE: Udyog Bhushan initiative, we stand by those in Kolhapur who are leading innovation, driving change, and setting new benchmarks for the region."

Zee Media Corporation Limited CEO Abhay Ojha further added, "Initiatives like 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan is a powerful testament of our commitment to spotlighting the outstanding contributions of these individuals who are reshaping industries and uplifting communities. Zee Media Corporation Limited remains steadfast in the mission to champion and amplify these extraordinary stories.”

The 'RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program' also received invaluable support from esteemed E V Charging Partner – Nikol EV, associate partners, including D Y P Group, Sainath Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Limited, Nero Industries, Supreme HR Consultants Private Limited, and Pitambari Agricare Division, Hospitality Partner Hotel Pearl, whose collaboration played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success.