National Geographic’s impact driven campaign profiles inspiring stories of young changemakers this Earth Day

National Geographic’s impact driven campaign profiles inspiring stories of young changemakers this Earth Day

The six short films will feature stories of young changemakers.

Mumbai: Love for our planet transcends all ages. All it takes is for one person, irrespective of their age, to take that one step that can have a magnifying impact on the planet. Defying the perception that only adults can bring about change, National Geographic’s One for Change is now celebrating the inspirational stories of six young changemakers and their love for our planet. Sparked by a formidable sense of passion and the tenacity to make a difference, these young champions aged 9-17 years, are debunking the myth that kids are too young to drive a change and have been consciously working towards planet conservation. Their inspiring stories will be amplified across the Disney Star network as a special Earth Day initiative urging millions of viewers to prioritize sustainability in their daily lives.

Over the last one year, One for Change brought alive the powerful narratives of 30 changemakers and struck a chord with the campaign reaching out to 256 million audiences* across the country. Continuing this endeavor; the baton will now be passed to their younger counterparts, spotlighting six young talented changemakers, who with their ever curious and imaginative minds have created ingenious solutions and adopted innovative methods to planet conservation. Each film will bring to life the vision, efforts and enterprising techniques that most of these resilient changemakers have embraced, with an aim to inspire and encourage planet conscious viewers to take that one step and ‘be the one for change’

“National Geographic is committed to illuminating and furthering the knowledge of our planet for our viewers to better understand and care about our world. We launched One for Change last year as an initiative to empower individuals to bring about a small change by showcasing remarkable stories of incredible individuals. This year, we are taking it a step further by spotlighting young heroes who are passionate, determined and are harnessing their creative young minds to build a better home. We are happy to advocate these eco conscious stories across the country on the Disney Star network and encourage many others to walk the path of change,” said Disney Star head network entertainment channels Kevin Vaz.

The six young inspirational changemakers who are making a tremendous difference are:

1.    Bodhisatva Khanderao – 15-year-old Bodhisatva and his mother visit schools, colleges, self-help groups, gram panchayats and spread awareness about deforestation and tree plantation

2.    Prasiddhi Singh – Ten year-old Prasiddhi, an awardee of the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2021, founded the ‘Prasiddhi Forest’ and aided plantation of over one lakh trees across the country

3.    Haaziq Kazi – A dreamer who dreams of reducing plastic waste in oceans, designed an intelligent prototype ship which could suck the plastic waste and clean the oceans

4.    Thaaragai Aarathana – Aiming to spread awareness and to protect marine life from plastic waste, eight year-old Thaaragai is on a mission to clean the ocean bed of plastic waste by doing cleanliness drive

5.    Ridhima Pandey – The 14-year-old young activist believes in the power of complaints made to world leaders to influence climate action and raise voice against any phenomenon that threatens the climate

6.    Ankith Suhas Rao – Ankith believes that small questions lead to big changes, if the right questions are addressed to the right people and on the right platform

Premiering on the television platforms of National Geographic and the entertainment channels across Disney Star network, the films will also be released on National Geographic India’s social media handles that have a combined following of over ten million.