Vanity Wagon marks five years of clean beauty excellence

Vanity Wagon marks five years of clean beauty excellence

Transforming the clean beauty industry in India since 2018

Vanity Wagon

Mumbai: Vanity Wagon, India's pioneering clean beauty marketplace, commemorates its fifth anniversary in September. Since its inception in 2018, Vanity Wagon has achieved outstanding growth and transformative accomplishments in the realm of clean beauty. From a modest beginning with a portfolio of ten brands, Vanity Wagon has now flourished to encompass an impressive range of 300 sustainable and toxin-free brands, embodying the epitome of growth and diversity in the clean beauty landscape.

Vanity Wagon co-founder Prateek Ruhail said, "On this momentous occasion of our five-year anniversary, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the challenges we have faced, the milestones we have achieved, and the incredible team that has stood by our side every step of the way. From the humble beginnings of a mere idea, to where we stand today as a thriving company, it is a testament to the unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence that has defined our journey.”

Further, Vanity Wagon founder and co-CEO Naina Ruhail adds, “This five-year journey wouldn’t have been possible without our talented team and our loyal consumers, who have been there with us through thick and thin and are our constant pillars of support. As we reflect on the past, let us also look to the future with excitement and anticipation, knowing that there are still countless opportunities waiting for us to seize. Together, we will continue to innovate, disrupt, and make a lasting impact in our industry. Here's to the remarkable journey we have had so far, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.”

Vanity Wagon prioritizes environmental sustainability at every level by carefully choosing eco-friendly brand partners and making sure that the goods are produced ethically without using any hazardous chemicals or testing on animals. Recycled packaging has helped in reducing our carbon footprint. In addition, collaborations with companies that share our commitment to sustainability have been crucial to bringing about constructive change in the sector in the past years.

The brand has introduced cutting-edge technologies that streamline both front-end and back-end operations, which has helped enhance the customer experience in selecting toxin-free and natural beauty products. Thus, the brand has achieved T+1 Delivery in the Delhi NCR region for 90 per cent of its orders. Embodying inclusivity and excellence in serving consumers, Vanity Wagon has seamlessly incorporated over 15 K-beauty brands into its e-commerce platform.

Launched India’s first and only clean beauty pop-up Mix It Up With Vanity Wagon that offers a platform for clean beauty brands and emerging entrepreneurs to talk about clean beauty, crucial ingredients, and the valuable need to adopt a sustainable yet clean beauty regime. By setting up physical pop-up stores inside prominent malls in Delhi, Chandigarh, and other cities, Vanity Wagon has deliberately extended its presence offline. Through collaborations and community involvement projects, the brand hopes to make sustainable beauty available to a larger audience across various Indian areas.

Key Milestones Achieved:

●    In September 2018, the visionary duo Naina Ruhail and Prateek Ruhail launched Vanity Wagon

●    By December 2020, Vanity Wagon had triumphed by securing an impressive $250,000 in a Seed funding round, with Agility Ventures at the helm.

●    In October 2021, Vanity Wagon reached a remarkable milestone, raising a substantial one million dollars during a Pre-Series A funding round, with Venture Catalysts and Inflection Point Ventures as prominent backers

●    In March 2022, the company extended its reach by launching a mobile app, enhancing accessibility for its customers

●    October 2022 marked yet another momentous achievement for Vanity Wagon as it successfully raised two million dollars in funding, with Lotus Herbals and Agility Venture Partners as key investors

●    Finally, in January 2023, Vanity Wagon celebrated a significant milestone with the grand opening of its inaugural physical store in Delhi

●    Vanity Wagon's dedication to providing safe and sustainable beauty products has been widely recognized. The platform has received numerous accolades and awards, affirming its commitment to excellence

With a firm belief and a vision to make conscious shopping a part of the Indian beauty industry, Vanity Wagon proudly celebrates this fifth remarkable milestone. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Vanity Wagon is spreading the joy through Instagram live sessions, exciting giveaways, and their Biggest ever ‘The Big Bang Beauty sale’ on their website. Come and be a part of the celebrations and grab these fantastic offers to make this celebration even more special!