Perfora debuts India's First Purple Teeth Whitening Serum

Perfora debuts India's First Purple Teeth Whitening Serum

Perfora innovates: Purple Teeth Whitening Serum in India


Mumbai: In a world where smiles speak volumes, Perfora, India's pioneering digital-first oral wellness brand, has illuminated the path to brighter smiles with its latest innovation - the Purple Teeth Whitening Serum.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating interplay of colours, Perfora introduces a revolutionary concept. Complementary colours, purple and yellow, hold the key. The science is simple yet ingenious: applying purple to your teeth cancels out the yellow stains on the surface, revealing a whiter smile.

Perfora's Purple Magic Teeth Whitening Serum, a gel-like liquid, is designed for consistent use over time to gradually eliminate yellow-coloured teeth stains. This innovative concoction combines the magic of purple with the whitening prowess of bromelain and papain enzymes, derived from pineapples and papayas, respectively.

This product doesn't just whiten teeth; it transforms smiles and boosts confidence. It's part of Perfora's ongoing commitment to reshaping the world of oral beauty, targeting Gen Z and millennials as the go-to brand for cutting-edge oral care.

The Purple Teeth Whitening Serum comes in an airless pump bottle for maximum convenience. Priced at just Rs 499 for a 30 ml bottle, it's an affordable and accessible solution for anyone seeking a radiant smile.