LAVIE CARES: Empowering women through education, one step at a time

LAVIE CARES: Empowering women through education, one step at a time

A resolute commitment to uplift women and enable them to fulfill their dreams.

Shobha Tainwala

Mumbai: Committed to the progress of women's empowerment and education, Lavie stands as a pioneering brand celebrated for its enduring elegance, etching a legacy of innovation since its inception in 2010. Founded by the visionary Shobha Tainwala, Lavie's journey is a testament to the belief that business can be a powerful force for good. At the heart of this transformative journey lies ‘LAVIE CARES’, an initiative that exemplifies the brand's deep-seated dedication to create a better world for women through enhanced education.

LAVIE CARES is a resolute commitment to uplift women and enable them to fulfill their dreams. Grounded in the principle that every business can be a force for good, LAVIE CARES focuses on harnessing the power of education to foster empowerment. Over the course of the last three transformative years, this initiative has successfully educated and uplifted 2000 deserving women, while also making a substantial investment of more than 15 Million.

LAVIE CARES operates on a five-step framework that ensures maximum impact and sustainable change in the lives of women:

1.       Make a Match: The dedicated LAVIE CARES team works tirelessly to identify and collaborate with partners that can effectively provide education facilities for women.

2.       Design the Program: In collaboration with the chosen partners, Lavie designs programs that create a measurable and lifelong impact not only in the lives of women but also in the entire community.

3.       Pick Up the Tab: Lavie believes that giving should be free from hidden costs. Therefore, the initiative generously covers the expenses required to implement and improve these transformative programs.

4.       Review & Improve: Lavie is committed to continuous improvement. Regular reviews of the programs ensures their effectiveness and efficiency in making a difference in the lives of women.

5.       Repeat: The spirit of responsibility and sustainability drives Lavie to continually work with its partners, offering new solutions and supporting the necessary implementations.

Lavie director & chief giving officer Shobha Tainwala commented, "LAVIE Cares is a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in the power of women to reshape the world. By providing them with the correct tools to succeed, we are nurturing a brighter tomorrow for women and society as a whole. We have always believed that women have an immense capacity to shape their destinies, families, and communities and through LAVIE Cares, we are dedicated to nurturing this potential by empowering women to overcome barriers and realize their dreams."

LAVIE CARES' remarkable growth and impact serves as a powerful testament to Lavie's commitment to fostering positive change. With LAVIE CARES, the brand continues to set an inspiring example for the business community, underscoring the potential for businesses to drive transformation and empowerment.